Financial Energy Management, Inc.


Financial Energy has performed a variety of work in hotels in and around Colorado.  Our work includes retrofitting ballrooms, atriums, and main hallways.  As a result hotels have been able to reduce their energy use and increase their energy savings. 

Notable Jobs in Hospitality Buildings:

  • Double Tree Hotel
  • Sheraton Hotel
  • Extended Stay Hotel

Doubletree Hotel

Financial Energy retrofitted over 560 fixtures in the common areas of the hotel, saving Doubletree Hotel approximately $11,630 in energy costs per year.  We also applied local utility rebate programs to this project, which reduced the payback period from 1.9 years to 1.2 years. 


Extended Stay America
Extended Stay America

Within the Extended Stay America facilities, Financial Energy retrofitted the existing lighting design to update lighting and save energy.  This project included common hotel areas, guest rooms, and other guest facilities.  By providing varying options, we were able to fit the budget of Extended Stay America to offer the most cost effective retrofit design.