Financial Energy Management, Inc.

Health Care

Financial Energy has performed energy audits and installed window film and energy efficient lighting for many hospitals and medical centers throughout the state of Colorado.  Our work required minimizing interruption and being especially clean as we worked within occupied patient rooms, exam rooms, and operating rooms.

Notable Jobs at Health Care Facilities

  • Swedish Medical Center Buildings
  • Arvada Pediatrics
  • Avista Hospital
    Beth Israel Nursing Home
  • Boulder Community Hospital
  • Memorial Hospital of Wyoming
    Denver Children’s Hospital
  • Longmont Hospital
  • San Luis Hospital
  • Shalom Park Nursing Home
  • St. Vincent’s Hospital
  • VA Medical Center Hospitals- Bronx, NY; Denver, CO; and Salt Lake City, UT

Children's Hospital
Children’s Hospital
Annual Savings: $123,173

Financial Energy retrofitted over 7,000 fixtures in the 450,000 square foot facility, saving Children’s Hospital approximately $123,000 in energy costs per year. In this job, Financial Energy applied DSM rebate funds through a contract it had with the Public Service Company of Colorado, which lowered the payback to an average of 1.8 years for the complex. 

VA Medical Centers
V.A. Medical Centers

Over a 5 year period, Financial Energy performed lighting upgrades to V.A. Hospitals in three locations: Bronx, New York, Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, CO.  In total, Financial Energy completed over 35,500 fixture retrofits and installed 2,100 lighting vacancy control devices.  This project achieved annual savings of $798,600 with a payback period of 2.8 years.