Financial Energy Management, Inc.


Schools across Colorado, California, Nebraska, Wyoming and New Mexico have called on Financial Energy to develop energy efficient lighting designs that are conducive to learning.  We have retrofitted many different facilities in both universities and K-12 schools including: dorms, classrooms, offices, athletic facilities, laboratories, and auditoriums. 

  • Notable Jobs at Educational Facilities: 
  • Front Range Community College- Longmont, Westminster and Fort Collins Campuses
  • University of Colorado at Boulder
  • University of Denver, CO
  • EJE Academies, San Diego, CA
  • Albuquerque Academy, NM
  • High Tech High, San Diego, CA
  • Mesa Valley School District 51, Grand Junction, CO
  • Adams State College, Alamosa, CO
  • Colorado Mountain College
  • RE-1 Valley Schools, Sterling, CO
  • SIA Tech, San Diego, CA
  • Summit County School District, CO
  • Uinta Wyoming School District 1, WY

Front Range Community College
Front Range Community College
Longmont, CO

Front Range Community College is located in Longmont, CO and has a student body of approximately 20,500 students.  Financial Energy completed a renovation of their lighting system by installing 1837 new LED lamps and motion sensors throughout the 195,000 square foot campus.  The new lighting design resulted in a new savings of  $420,373 between 2015 and 2016.  A professor from the English Department stated that the new LED installation has made it “quieter in the classroom” and that it is “finally brighter”.  She exclaims that, “overall improvements are fabulous” and that the new lighting provides an improved learning environment for both students and faculty.

Adams State College
Alamosa, CO

This project with Adam State College included work in over 926,000 sq.ft. of classrooms and administration facilities at a total design/build cost of $533,000.  Financial Energy designed and installed an energy efficient lighting system customized for the College, which included lighting and controls. Calculating existing and future energy use, Financial Energy was able to show the dramatic energy and cost savings. This project included classrooms, offices, other various indoor rooms as well as exterior lighting.  Adams State College saves $83,900 annually as a result of this work. 

High Tech High
High Tech High
San Diego, CA

High Tech High operates thirteen schools in San Diego, California.  Financial Energy provided these schools with the latest lighting technology throughout their facilities including, classrooms, media arts facilities, hallways, and offices.  These upgrades have resulted in an annual net savings of $45,398.29.

High Tech High

Mesa School District
Grand Junction, Colorado

Financial Energy constructed a comprehensive energy efficient lighting design that included LED and sensor controls. Covering the entire school district, we were an integral part of a sweeping and comprehensive energy saving design and upgrade in the District. Financial Energy’s portion alone covered 2.83 million square feet of educational facilities.  The job was completed at a total cost of $2,339,440 and delivers annual net savings of $411,800. 

Colorado Mountain College
Glenwood Springs, CO

Financial Energy worked on Colorado Mountain College locations in Glenwood Springs, Spring Valley and Summit (Dillon Center). Our design improved lighting and lighting control in their offices, classrooms, stairwells, and other locations totaling nearly 75,000 square feet.  This energy efficient upgrade contributes to a more productive learning environment using high quality, high visual acuity light, while reducing the school’s energy total energy bills by 18%. 

University of Colorado Boulder Lighting Project
Boulder, CO

Between 1999 and 2011, Financial Energy performed over $1.6 million worth of energy efficiency retrofits on University of Colorado campuses. These campuses include Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Denver. In 2011 we performed lighting retrofits in University of Colorado Boulder campus building’s including: Environmental Health & Sciences, Joint Institute for Lab Astrophysics, Macky Auditorium, Center for Astrophysics and Space Astronomy, and Center for Innovation and Creativity totaling approximately 245,000 square feet. Providing varying options, we were able to fit the budget of the University of Colorado to offer the most cost effective retrofit design. 

University of Denver
University of Denver
Denver, CO

Since 2001 Financial Energy has worked with the University of Denver to ensure that their facilities are functioning with the most advanced energy and cost efficient lighting. Our work has included energy audits, lighting designs, and retrofits throughout classrooms and labs, offices, dorms, and athletic facilities.  Our continued partnership with the University of Denver shows our dedication to ensuring that our customers are saving both energy and money with the best technology available.