Financial Energy Management Inc.

Our Customers

Virtually every business has the opportunity to save energy, and after 32 years of business, chances are we’ve worked with a business similar to yours. We’ve preformed energy audits, lighting retrofits, and other services on office buildings, retail stores, schools, hotels, universities, athletic facilities, hospitals, medical centers, manufacturing plants, and industrials facilities. The scope and variety of our previous projects has granted us invaluable knowledge and experience. We understand that each type of facility and each building has its own needs and equipment, and ultimately its own unique solution. Financial Energy’s expertise resides in designing the perfect energy saving solution for your facility.

We’ve published a list of our previous work on this website and we encourage you to review it. We not only wish to demonstrate the variety of solutions we can provide to our diverse consumer base, but the pride we take in our work. We like to profile our work because we know it’s the best. 

Market Sectors